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Terra Bella companies are based in Southern California and have been family-owned and operated since their inception in 1989 and incorporation in California two years later. In the beginning, the primary acquisitions were apartment buildings, single-family residences, and small, mixed-use shopping centers.

Our mission is to merge the just-like-home environment and affordability of a board-and-care with the amenities of a large national chain, thereby giving seniors the best of both worlds.

Our core values are to provide a safe, comfortable, activity-rich environment at an affordable price to our residents while delivering a healthy ROI to our investors.

Current focus on a Major Housing Needs

Terra Bella has been identifying markets and formulating new strategies. Research shows that Australia is one of the most unaffordable cities in the world, according to the 2021 Dermographia International Housing Affordability Report. High migration levels have driven housing costs through the roof. According to a report by the Victorian government, AU is projected to need an additional 1.6 million homes by 2051. The median house price increased by 13.8% in the year to June 2021, reaching a record high of AUD 954,947, according to the Real Estate Institute of Victoria. This is exacerbating the demand for affordable rentals, particularly for low-income families. According to the Real Estate Institute of Victoria, the rental market is already extraordinarily competitive, with a meager vacancy rate of 1.5%. Terra Bella is well-positioned to bring innovative, affordable, multi-family housing solutions to this market.

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Oversight of the Investment Process from Start to Finish

Strong partnerships that Terra Bella Investments has formed a partnership with a lending company and an architectural, engineering, and design firm to complete the package. With lending, acquisition, design, construction, and property management under one roof, investors can rest assured that Terra Bella oversees the investment process from start to finish.

Terra Bella has always been a conservative investment company, looking to the long-term success of its acquisitions and shunning risky or unsustainable gains.

Success withNational and International Projects

Success Client Stories

1999-2007: Terra Bella seized large-scale commercial opportunities, engaging in various projects, including:

  • Land subdivision development in Mesa, Arizona.
  • Ground-up condominium construction in Fresno and Chandler, Arizona.
  • A mixed-use hotel project in Palm Springs.
  • Building a full-service, 202-room hotel in Fort Mill, South Carolina.
  • Active involvement in residential bulk real estate fix-and-flips and ground-up 8,000-10,000 sq ft custom home builds.

2001-2007: Terra Bella maintained a working office in China and established relationships with Chinese suppliers, resulting in a 40 percent cost saving on construction materials. Terra Bella established an office in Dubai to consult with investors on construction management and to provide materials from Terra Bella’s suppliers in China.

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